• Selena Kovachis

Build Your Own at My Roti Place

Website: https://www.myrotiplace.com

Address: 1375 Queen St W, Toronto + multiple others


Visiting My Roti Place was full of firsts for me. Not only had I never had roti before that, but I also never had any sort of Indian food at all. I had been so curious for some time, and I was so happy to finally have an excuse to go and try it.

My Roti Place is a cool, modern Indian street food and roti spot with multiple locations around Toronto including Parkdale (where I went), right in the heart of downtown on Queen W, King W, and Yonge, as well as an express location on Queen E – plus there’s more locations coming soon (don’t wanna give too much away but think close to the water)!

Heading there on a weekday evening, there was a good amount of people in there picking up takeout order and stopping in for an after-work bite. This Parkdale location is also fully licensed and stays open late, with some killer cocktail options!

We started out with the Honey Garlic Cauliflower, which was actually another first for me. Since the whole ‘fried cauliflower so it’s healthy’ trend came in, I actually haven’t tried it but have been wanting to. I was so shocked at the texture and taste, people aren’t hyping, it actually tastes like fried chicken! As a garlic lover, the flavour was absolutely amazing and we completely polished it off. It’s honestly the perfect appetizer and you don’t even feel too guilty eating it or getting filled up since it’s just cauliflower. I have been craving it multiple times since the visit.

Next up was the roti! We got a classic roti (their options include classic, turmeric, seasonal, or on basmati rice or salad), with chicken (options include lamb, fish, shrimp, paneer, cheese balls, tofu, and veggies), in their Superior Butter Masala curry sauce (options include classic curry, creamy nutty korma, green spinach sauce, tangra hakka chilly, dairy-free spice vindaloo, mango sauce, and KK’s agni challenge), all with medium heat.

I like spicy food but with everything we were trying, I wanted to keep myself on the milder side. If you’re up for the challenge, their heat level goes up to Serious, and then Stupid, I’m sure you can only imagine how spicy that may be.

The taste of the roti was so so good, everything was cooked and seasoned perfectly and I would order this for lunch every day if I could!

We finished off the meal with a great fusion piece, shrimp in a hakka sauce with basmati rice on the side. Since this is more of a Chinese fusion I was familiar with the flavours and it’s a personal favourite of mine! I love the tangy, sweet and sour sauce and how the meal goes together so well.

We finished off with dessert, which held the perfect flavours to leave such a satisfying feeling after the meal. It was refreshing and didn’t overwhelm the palate. It’s called Nutty and Cold on the menu made with Pistachio Kulfi. It’s also served in the cutest martini glass, because a pretty dessert makes for a yummy dessert.

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