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Corporate Stays Beyond Business

Website: https://www.corporatestays.com/en/

TDI Date Verdict: Romantic overnights, weekend staycations, celebrating in the city

With a variety of accommodation options local Torontonians, those in the GTA, from Canada and beyond have places to stay for every reason that brings them to the vibrant city. While reasons for visiting ranges from business, to casual staycation, to celebrations and occasions, people seek high-quality spots that feel like home; and cities all over the world have noticed a shift to accommodations like this.

Luckily, Corporate Stays has been changing (and improving) the business travel game since their birth in 2008 and we don't need to be travelling for work anymore to take advantage of their furnished and stocked suites that feel like a home away from home!

Corporate Stays is the top housing provider across the Americas for this reason, and has amenities and features that we just can't find in a hotel.

One major thing that's really impressive about Corporate Stays is their consistency with comfort along their Signature Collection. All suites are furnished by Casa Suarez, a Panama-based company who specializes in modern and contemporary exotic wood furniture and home décor. You know that if it's a Corporate Stays place, you'll be getting these high-quality (and really attractive) details in your suite (and never settling for cheap furniture).

Depending on the building, CS guests receive access to all open amenities as well which can include fitness facilities, swimming pools, hot tubs, steam rooms, rooftop terraces, meeting rooms, event spaces, private parking, and 24/7 concierge access.

Corporate Stays offers apartments in tons of cities across Canada, as well as world-wide so wherever your travels take you, you know there's a high-quality and trustworthy option for you.

Canadian cities include: Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax, Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa, Edmonton, Winnipeg

Other countries include: Panama, Mexico, Costa Rica

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