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Lake-side staycation of your dreams at Westin Harbour Castle

Website: www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/yyzwi-the-westin-harbour-castle-toronto/

Location: 1 Harbour Square, Toronto

TDI DATE VERDICT: Romantic staycations, treat yourself, girls trip weekend

Driving on the Gardiner Expressway, while usually a slow and painstaking trek is matched with views of gorgeous Toronto skyscrapers on either side of you. One specifically stands out when you travel just East of the Roger’s Centre and CN Tower, situated right beside the water; The Westin Harbour Castle is a gorgeous and massive hotel on Toronto’s Harbourfront, with a distinguishable round top to the building (where independently-owned Toula restaurant is located).

Whether you’re from Toronto and can see this hotel from your place or are visiting Toronto from out of country or out of city I recommend staying here. Now I live only about 20 minutes (on a good day) outside of Toronto and don’t necessarily need to stay in the city when there’s tons of ways to get back and forth – but being in here felt like I was so far from home on a vacation, while still feeling incredible comfortable at familiar with everything.

The hotel is beautifully designed from the rooms and incredibly comfy beds, to the restaurants and bars, amenities, and even the front entrance and valet area (that looks like you’re under thousands of twinkling stars). The Westin line of hotels has an amazing reputation and is a good choice to stay anywhere, and I would totally not be opposed to packing up my life and living in a Westin robe in their rooms.

One thing that makes this hotel incredibly special is the views! Opting for a lake-view room is 100% worth it and 100% necessary here, although if you don’t, you still have gorgeous views of the city. I personally love the water and anything that gets me a view of endless blue makes everything so much better, even on gloomy and overcast days.

While the rooms are comfy as ever, and you can stay there watching shows, doing face masks, and sleeping the whole night, it’s worth it to explore a bit, because the pool area, fitness centre, and outdoor vegetable garden, beehives, lounge area, courts, and mural definitely need to be appreciated while staying there as well.

Westin operates on a message of six pillars, which is something you don’t see very often. They are: Work Well, Play Well, Eat Well, Sleep Well, Move Well, and Feel Well. Everything about the hotel, from the beds to the meeting rooms to the dining choices, are crafted and chosen to ensure those pillars are being followed!

Let’s explore their pillar of Eat Well. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the variety and quality of room service food that they have here. If I’m honest, expectations when orderings room service start pretty low. Nobody is expecting a gourmet piping hot feast when food is travelling from a kitchen into an elevator and up to a hotel room on a cart. After mentioning how impressed I was with the room service here, I got a bunch of messaged of people agreeing – I guess it’s a known fact that the Westin Harbour Castle rocks at in-room dining!

As for the morning, the Mizzen Restaurant offers up some of the best breakfast and brunch options I’ve seen in the city! You can choose buffet or a la carte menus (we opted for the buffet), and all the food in that buffet seriously made me want to go back again and again – even if I’m not staying at the hotel.

From fruit, meats and cheeses, mini bagels and spreads, toast galore, pastries, omlette bars, bacon, mini pancakes, eggs in multiple forms, and the list goes on, I was in HEAVEN.

When visiting the Westin Harbour Castle, come for the brand’s reputation, stay for the level of quality and effort in providing amazing services to those there for any and all reasons.

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