• Selena Kovachis

More than Coffee, Oysters, and Champagne

Website: https://www.sipshucksip.com Address: 214 King St W, Toronto

TDI DATE VERDICT: Third date situation, BFF dates, late night stops

Thinking we were going to check out a fairly new spot in Toronto for a glass of bubbly and a sample of oysters was the most severe case of underestimating something I’ve probably had to date. Coffee, Oysters, Champagne on King Street West is truly a one-of-a-kind spot with way more than meets the eye.

The space itself is a beautiful, small, and bright space with walls adorned in pink quartz, white marble tabletops and gold accents everywhere. The back wall is a floor-to-ceiling champagne bottle situation and behind the bar is oysters, and more bottles of bubbly galore. Sitting in this spot alone makes you feel better about life, about yourself, about the weather, anything really.

One thing the space doesn’t really show, though, is how much more there is to it. Sure COC itself looks amazing, but with so much more to offer, I was amazed at how special it’s kept. Not sure what I’m talking about? Keep reading and try to keep up.

We were served amazing Champagne – yes actually Champagne, from France – that paired perfectly with the oysters we sampled. Although they do offer plain, naked oysters, they also have an amazing selection of pre-dressed ones as well. Some have rose petals, some have Champagne poured into them, some with caviar, and so much more. It’s really not a casual café, if you were mistaken to think that at all for a place like this.

Although the traditional Champagne is truly something that equates to sparkly magic, we enjoyed the Lambrusco so much, we both went back another day and ordered it again. Lambrusco is a sparkling red wine from Italy that you must try, especially if you’re a wine lover!

Finishing up our time in COC was a little bittersweet. When you’re done, you don’t necessarily have to be done, and if you’re up to get a little lost in the bubbly, ask for a Champagne Cellar tour, you won’t be disappointed!

The only thing to remember, and they will remind you, is that there’s no pictures allowed on this very special very unique tour. You also might not be coming out of the tour the way you came, so remember all your stuff!

After being wildly impressed with the oysters, the atmosphere, the staff x1000000000, the bubbly, and the general energy of the place, our night was a little bit sweet, a little bit magic, and a lot a bit impressive until we had to wrap it up.

Maybe look around to find this very Instagrammable bathtub (don’t worry, we were allowed to take these pics!)

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