• Selena Kovachis

Plant-based wellness in all its forms: Birch + Fog

Website: https://www.birchandfog.com/

The first thing you see when you go on the Birch and Fog website is: 'Wellness essentials inspired by real experiences' and while that kind of confused me when I thought, this is a retail online shop, I soon understood.

Birch and Fog sells products online, but the words that come to mind when interacting with them and spending some time going through what they offer is that it's a community, and a place for resources and remedies on wellness whether it be stress, anxiety, caring for pets and their ailments, PMS and menstrual pain, recipes, skin care, education on CBD, general pain, pregnancy, and more.

One huge aspect of the company is their Fog Blog which has amazing articles on people's experiences, on studies, on mythbusting and facts, all things that I didn't even know before. You know when you're dealing with Birch and Fog that you're dealing with real, local people and as we get older into a more digital and less personal society, you notice more.

The stuff in our cart was:

Mary's Westcoast Teddies

Apothecary Naturals Hemp Terpene-Infused Lavender Bar Soap

Westcoast Smoke Co. Disposable Vape Pen

Vegan Dark Chocolate Shatter Bar

Whether you have been a user of CBD products for a while, have just recently learned about it and are interested, or are looking for a place to educate yourself without bias, from people who care and want to help those in similar spots, Birch and Fog is amazing. They have products from the beginner to those that know exactly what they're looking for, and an easy-to-use website, ordering, and delivery process.

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