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Square One gets an upgrade: The Food District

Website: https://www.shopfooddistrict.com Location: Square One Mall, Mississauga

TDI DATE VERDICT: First dates, After-shopping eats, Casual

The Square One Food District is now open at Square One mall in Mississauga, ON and it has turned downtown Mississauga into the spot for all entertainment, food, and even more shopping needs! SO many vendors have now set up shop in what used to be the Target in the mall. From restaurants, to take-out places, to a cooking school, candy shop, deli, fish market, wine store, and more, there’s seriously no reason to ever go downtown Toronto again (joking).

As someone who grew up and lives in Mississauga it’s awesome to see this expansion, giving even more options of things to do and eat.

Let’s start with the food. There’s something for everyone ranging from brand new spots to Toronto-based restaurants opening up another location:

The Food District has their own kitchen for classes and events called the District Kitchen. Here, Chef Julian Pancer holds tons of different cooking schools and foodie events. At the specific event I attended, we tried our hand at making potstickers. I don’t know if they were easy to make or if he’s just that good of a teacher but they turned out delicious!

Seed to Sausage is a meat market meets restaurant that’s licensed and has great meat cuts as well as an impressive menu! Order some meat to cook for the week while sipping on a glass of wine. Whether you’re picking up steaks, or cold cuts for a charcuterie board, all their meats are high quality and I devoured everything on this plate!

The bakery from the makers of Danish Pastry House are serving up amazing loaves of all kinds of bread and pastries made fresh in house each and every day!

And there’s plenty for a sweet tooth as well! Bake Three Fifty is a completely customizable dessert spot offering DIY ice cream cookie sandwiches, milkshakes, and cupcakes!

La Carnita is one of the few sit-down restaurants at the Food District. Their first location is based in the heart of downtown Toronto and offers up amazing tacos and tequila-based drinks and much more!

Another amazing sit down restaurant there is Blackjack BBQ that we had the pleasure of trying out in depth! From their whisky cocktails, to their BBQ snacks and creative spins on classic meals, it’s definitely the spot to be.

Of course the infamous Sweet Jesus ice cream straight from Toronto has touched down at the food district too, fulfilling everyone’s extravagant soft serve and topping needs.

Food spots aren’t the only thing in the Food District, and you can do your unique shopping there as well, whether it’s gifts, treat yourself moments, local goods, and more!

The new Wine Shop can be described as Peller heaven, as all the Ontario wineries and brands under the Andrew Peller Wines company can be found here. Even ones not in the LCBO!

I was lucky enough to attend two events for the preview and opening of the Food District and have seen it come along during construction to the place it is now! I’m so happy there’s something like this in the city I live now and it makes me excited to see the expansion of the foodie world with such a thing.

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