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The Daters VDAY Gift Guide

While many people have mixed feelings about the legitimacy of Valentine’s Day as a holiday, and the commercialistic intentions behind it, especially ~during this time~, we wanted an excuse to highlight some great local businesses again for relationship and budgets of all kinds!

We don’t know what’s to come week-to-week, let alone what February 14th is going to look like this year, but we compiled a perfect way to support local, while treating your loved one(s), or yourself, to some sweet treats of appreciation. Plus, what’s a better way to say tha

Showing love doesn’t need restaurants or elaborate shopping and we hope we can spread a little love to everyone this year, no matter what it looks like! Enjoy our gift guide, learn a little bit about ~love languages~ and we hope you find something that catches your eye.


Kaley & Selena🥰

1. Words of Affirmation

If your partner’s love language is Words of Affirmation it means they appreciate being verbally reassured, positively lifted up, and best receives love by hearing (or reading) words of appreciation and gratitude. They may be uncomfortable receiving gifts because at the core they really only need to have their efforts recognized and appreciated. Here are some ideas that will satisfy anyone who has this love language:

  • Say what you feel using @choc.ed gourmet chocolate-dipped strawberries with fondant messages on top. Are you participating in cuffing season or trying to say those big three words but also love fruit? Solved.

  • Say it with a song and customize a Spotify plaque with @customsbydrip

  • Scavenger Box allows you to completely customize your romantic scavenger hunt with your own words, clues, hints, and hiding spots.

2. Receiving Gifts

Even though this seems like the easiest love language to shop for, receiving gifts means more than it sounds like. If your partner’s love language is receiving gifts, it means it’s most meaningful to them when you do things like get their favourite drink or candy on a bad day, send flowers, pick up something during your day that made you think of them, etc. This is less about material possessions and more about thoughtfulness in gift giving. These gifts say “You deserve this”, and “When I saw this I knew you’d like it”:

  • Assorted box from Oh Snap Cookie Co. that comes gift-ready and eat-ready if your valentine is the ultimate cookie lover

  • @GRLBeautyToronto Beauty Boosters, because glowing skin is good for EVERYONE.

  • An assortment of Valentine’s themed desserts from Funfetti Cake Shoppe that is equally on-brand as it is delish

  • If the real love language of your Valentine is “receiving food”, gift a Graze Thyme Valentine’s platter and score major points without having to find brie and gouda in the grocery store yourself

  • Noor and Deen makes custom jewelry for everyday wear, use it to commemorate a special letter, symbol, word, name, etc.!

  • Annette’s Creations is delivering Valentine’s gifts locally and makes a variety of sweets like hot drink bombs, chocolate bark, and chocolate bears.

  • Elegant Dream Creations is your one-stop shop for the classic and beautiful chocolate strawberries and roses.

  • Did you know dried florals and pampas grass are now way trendier than traditional flower bouquets? No? Glad we found you. While getting flowers is always amazing and thoughtful, check out the dried bouquets at Cece and Rose. Major aesthetic points for you.

  • On the conversation of trendy flowers for vday, these forever flowers by Forever Yours are both gorgeous, never die, and have a BIG deeper meaning if you know what I mean.

3. Quality Time

If your partner’s love language is Quality Time, they’re most satisfied with doing things together or just being in each other’s presence. These are some creative ways to spend time together in the form of gifts:

  • Love Me Creations Valentine’s Day Basket has a little bit of everything that you can unpack and use together!

  • Convo and Chill Card game lets you and your partner relax, let the cards do the thinking, and spend a bunch of time getting to know each other better.

  • Fare by Food Dudes Kits has a variety of date night (and morning) options for delivery. Breakfast in bed, a movie night, or their themed Love Box is the perfect thing for an easy, but ultra-romantic and high-quality date idea.

  • Gift a future couple's boudoir photo shoot at the cozy and stylish Great Wave Loft Studio and have the memories (and photos) forever!

  • Convino not only does virtual Charcuterie designing classes, but you can purchase her board to use! A true 2-in-1.

  • Combine the last gift idea with a blinged-out bottle of bubbly from Bling Customs TO and you have the best at-home Valentine’s date (in our opinion anyways)

  • Guess Where Trips is having an epic promo. For $45, they’lll send you a gift card for a ‘pre-planned trip’ that includes: A gift card that can be applied to any Guess Where trip once lockdown is over (it never expires), A custom love note (optional), All wrapped up with red twine, tissue paper & sealed with a heart, Sent directly to you or your loved one with free expedited shipping (for both the gift card and future travel package.) Use promo code FREESHIPPING when checking out.

4. Physical Touch

The love language of Physical Touch means that feelings of love and affirmation are best expressed to a partner through touch. This is because on their list of needs, physical connection is, literally, more than skin deep. Whether this is PDA, cuddling, hand-holding, or being intimate, your partner with Physical Touch as their love language will appreciate the touch-time these gifts can offer:

  • High on Love CBD sensual oils

  • Maylyn & Co slips that are so soft you won’t be able to keep your hands off

  • Gift a Bodyology massage and have both of your stresses melt away.

  • Any skincare lover will appreciate Dars Bars’ scrubs and soaps that smell delicious and make you as soft and moisturized as ever. Throw in one of her pretty natural candles for the ultimate natural beauty vday gift.

  • Pamela Lauz Jewelry creates engraved fingerprint jewelry for all romantic reasons and occasions. Create a one-of-a-kind gift, literally, that keeps your loves one’s touch with you no matter where they are.

  • Get a matching undies set from Em Me Ma, and then take it off.

  • Toronto Dick Candles. Did we mean to put these in this category?;) Their website is up and running for online orders!

5. Acts of Service

Someone with Acts of Service as their love language finds it most meaningful when you do things for them, or help alleviate their load whether it’s in terms of household chores, cooking, planning, supporting in career and work-related endeavours, running an errand for or with them, etc. They will be super appreciative of even small gestures or tasks that take something off their to-do list when they’re tired. A partner with Acts of Service as their love language will appreciate these gifts that can help make their life a little easier, or show them that you’re there as a support system whenever they need:

  • Let them sleep in on VDAY and wake up to RASA’s Brunch packages and a mimosa already poured; most relaxing morning EVER.

  • Stop saying “I dunno, what do you want to eat?” and order a 3-Course Valentine’s Day meal from Nibbly Grocery Store so the only finger they have to lift is attached to a fork full of food.

  • Keep your Valentine hydrated with an Evol Water Bottles' gift box. They’re cute and useful, especially for hitting those New Year hydration goals

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