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Why we're daydreaming about Daydream

Website: https://drinkdaydream.com/

TDI VERDICT: Need an alcohol detox? Driving? Just want to drink something with no sugar, no caffeine, and ingest good extracts and adaptogens? Then Daydream is good literally anytime.

The summer seems to always bring on a new wave of trends: summer songs, summer styles, summer events, and summer drinks. The local liquor store lines the shelves with vibrant bottles and cans. While these make for a fun time, they’re not the best options for those who don’t drink alcohol, have to drive, want to give their body a break from drinking, or those days and nights where you’re just not feeling like cracking open another liquor store experiment.

Introducing something that’s completely changing (and dare we say disrupting?) the status quo of drinks: Daydream. Sure, we have tons of flavoured waters and combinations of liquids lining the aisles nowadays, but have we ever heard of an infused sparkling water that can actually affect how you feel, and bring your body some calm, some focus, and some balance? I’m going to say no here.

The run down: Daydream is Canada’s first sparkling water beverage infused with hemp extracts and adaptogens. It also has 0 sugar, 0 caffeine, and is just 10 calories. Think of this as your flavoured go-to for increasing focus, reducing stress and reducing fatigue.

How do ingredients in drinks actually affect your mental or physical state?

While Daydream does not have any psychoactive affects that would impair your motor skills or judgement in any way, think of it like you would essential oils. How lavender affects sleep, eucalyptus affects energy, and peppermint affects focus and can even cure headaches. Humans have realized, or more accurately, have chosen to finally listen to the fact that we don’t need so many chemicals to do the things natural extracts can do.

· Hemp extracts (we definitely know what these are, especially in Canada) help with balance and clarity.

· Schisandra (a plant, where the fruit is used to make medicine) helps with anxiety and stress.

· Moringa (a plant native to the sub-Himalayan areas of India) is an anti-inflammatory and powerful antioxidant.

· Ginseng (a root) with proven health benefits as well as helps with focus and memory.

Plus, products that have a whole page dedicated to letting you in on the ingredients they use are a definite gold star in our books.

Because Daydream wouldn’t dare serve up plain old boring sparkling water, they introduced these amazing flavours to get on cloud nine with: Blackberry Chai, Cucumber Lime, and Peach and Ginger.

SOLD! Where do I get it?

Honestly same, and great question. You can visit https://drinkdaydream.com/to grab their 8-packs (with free shipping in Canada) right now. Keep your eyes out for when they introduce their sampler 6-packs as well so you can try a little bit of everything! ALSO, because we love options, they are partnering with Well.ca who will be selling them individually (and I didn’t tell you this, but Uber Eats is the goal in the near future too!)

P.S. Say hi to Alex Simonelli, Founder, CEO, Genius (probably).

We spoke to him about his unique product and what the mission was behind creating it, here's what we had to say: "[The mission is] to promote the present mind again, in a new way. And to promote the power that it gives you to be your most creative and aware self. 

In the long term? We’re committed to building a community of like-minded individuals. That are humorous and witty, but still focus on important issues. People that understand how to be truly serious and silly at the same time. Which is an important thing in life, you know."

Yeah, we definitely know :)

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